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West Africa National Security & Armoured Vehicles 2018 - Agenda Preview

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West Africa National Security - Challenges faced and solutions required

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  • Security issues relevant to the West Africa region and how they are uniquely compounded by factors such as terrain and criminal activities 
  • Cutting-edge security solutions necessary to combat said issues, including advanced technologies and up-to-date strategic and logistical planning 
  • How the Tema port expansion project is part of a larger upsurge in economic growth in West Africa and how the national security outlook for the West African states can affect thi

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What are African countries focusing on to combat border security threats?

Borders have become a major source of conflict in Africa over the years. Porous borders are common in the region, resulting in cross border crimes and instability. A high level of porosity makes countries easily penetrable by smugglers of drugs, weapons and contrabands.

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Global Armoured Vehicles Market Report 2018

The market for armoured vehicles and related equipment has become wide-ranging. Technological advancements have seen a significant rise in the use and utility of unmanned ground vehicles, artificial intelligence, virtual training and survivability equipment. Active protection systems – having long been seen as the preserve of wealthy states – are being developed in lighter, cheaper and more accurate forms, supporting their case as a popular solution for the future battlespace. Meanwhile, the deployment of main battle tanks is still seen as a necessity by most in spite of climbing demand for light protected mobility.

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All of West Africa under threat of militant insurgency, says Ghana president

Ghana's President John Dramani Mahama has warned that Islamist militancy poses a threat that could destabilise the whole of West Africa. Download this article now to learn more.

Security Considerations in Africa

Africa has been on something of a spending spree in the past few years, upping their stake in the global defence market while addressing urgent security challenges at home. For most states, reinforcing the reputation of a secure and civilised environment is the first step in encouraging foreign investment and commerce. Ahead of the African Security Summit, Defence IQ provides this collection of articles exploring issues including maritime piracy, armoured vehicles, strategic communications and EOD efforts across the continent...

Combating transnational organised crime fuelled by escalating instability across Africa

Africa’s steady creep towards being the global hub for transnational organised crime and violent terrorism is becoming one of this decade’s key security concerns for international actors. The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) estimates that 13 percent of global cocaine traffic moves through West Africa, meaning that in the past several years the region has become a crucial transit route for drug trafficking from the Americas.

Additional Event Information

Post-Event Report: West Africa National Security Conference 2017

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