Combatting threats to national security through enhanced monitoring and collaborative measures

A report by Serianu Limited shows that in 2016, five African countries lost a combined US$895 million to cyber crime, an issue that the Ghana President has mandated to combat at a multi-agency level.

West African countries face evolving challenges, such as cyber threats that greatly threaten their national stability. Cyber security as well as the effects of transnational crime and illicit smuggling are key issues these nations are investing millions into eradicating.

The West Africa National Security & Armoured Vehicles conference (18-19 June 2018, Accra, Ghana) will gather the regional directors of national intelligence, inspector generals and commissioners of police, heads of security services, immigration and border control to improve the resilience of homeland security in West Africa.

The conference will address specific issues such as:

  • Defending against illicit smuggling across West Africa by improving real-time monitoring and surveillance
  • Reducing crime rates by early preventive detection of incidents and intelligence gathering
  • Enhance the resilience of border and coastal security police units by improving crisis communication capabilities
  • Establishing cyber command centres that involve government stakeholders and the private sector to deter cyber crime across critical infrastructure

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Meet our speakers:

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Why Attend?

Anticipate and prevent crimes using a combination of smart intelligence and street policing

Develop a comprehensive homeland security program involving multiple stakeholders across the nation, region and globe

Prevent organised crime to tackle the increasing menace of smuggling, narcotics trade and the illegal arms trade

Identify vulnerabilities across both physical and cyber territories by using the right surveillance and monitoring technologies

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Who should attend?

Heads of:

  •  Inspector Generals of Police and Gendarmerie
  •  Director General Operations
  •  Directors of Procurement
  •  Ministry of Interior Directors
  •  Heads of Immigration
  •  Border Force Commanders
  •  Directors of CIS and IT
  •  GIS Programme Managers
  •  Financial Crime Investigators
  •  Officials from Ports and Airport Authorities
  •  Directors of C3i
  •  Heads of Emergency Communication

From the following industries:

  •  Monitors / Radars
  •  Crisis Communications
  •  Apparel and Military Equipment
  •  Surveillance
  •  Ground Mobility
  •  Rescue Solutions
  •  Physical Security
  •  Land Defense Systems
  •  Integrated Border Management
  •  GIS Solution Providers
  •  Satellite Technology

See what our past attendees had to say:

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